Why Choose Us?

Paradise Pinball has been around for over 10 years and is Family Owned and Operated! We bought a pinball machine at a garage sale and the rest is history! We now take care of over 90 locations and operate over 500 machines. We offer a large list of games to choose from that we rotate through our locations. We deal with everything from new games to old classics. We are not a huge operator that you will only see come around when it is time to collect. Instead, we know all of our locations and work extremely hard at developing a long lasting friendship with each one. We also listen to our locations and work hard to achieve your goals as well! Please give us a call anytime and we would be happy to talk to you about your location and what we can do for you!

Paradise Pinball also can help you have an awesome Christmas Party, New Years Party, Birthday Party, or Event with our huge list of rentals! We offer one day rentals, weekend rentals, weekly rentals and yearly rentals. One of our passions is helping out church youth groups in setting up a small game room. It keeps the kids coming to church and we offer discounted longer rentals for this because we feel it is important for today’s youth!

Paradise Pinball has been honored to do THREE of Stern’s launch parties for pinball machines! We had a huge tournament and prizes for AC/DC, Star Trek, and KISS at Ryan’s Sports Grill in Ft Collins! We had a great turnout and lots of fun!!! Check our website often for more to come!

Paradise Pinball & Amusements has established a large clientele base over the years through quality of service and honest business exchanges. These exchanges have been with private homeowners looking to buy or sell a game as well as with business owners looking for an operator who is willing to fix machines and not just show up to collect. We understand that a machine that is turned off looks bad for both the place of business and for us.

Our primary services include revenue-share, sales, and service. We offer a large variety of specialty games to cater to the unique needs of your location. Paradise Pinball offers Pinball Machines, Arcade Games, Boxer Machines, Pool Tables, Air Hockey Tables, Internet Jukeboxes (TOUCHTUNES & ROWE AMI), Ticket Redemption Games, Instant Redemption Games (Cranes), Bulk Vending, Dart Boards, Kiddie Rides, and Pool Tables.