Building Your Dream Collection: Must-Have Stern Pinball Machines

Are you a pinball enthusiast looking to build your dream collection? Pinball machines have come a long way since their inception in the early 20th century. Today, they are a source of nostalgic joy and an incredible form of interactive entertainment. Stern Pinball, one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, has consistently produced remarkable machines that capture the hearts of enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. As a leading Stern supplier, Paradise Pinball & Amusements has the Stern machines to make your collection stand out! Check out these top picks and shop our entire Stern product line today.

Godzilla pinball machine

Godzilla Premium Edition

The Godzilla Premium pinball machine is a masterpiece that pays homage to the iconic giant monster franchise. With a collapsing skyscraper, breakaway bridge ramp, and custom-molded Godzilla figure, this machine combines thrilling gameplay, stunning artwork, and captivating audio to deliver an immersive experience. With its intricate shots, innovative rules, and an array of exciting features, including a “Magna Grap” Newton ball and an impressive LED light show, the Godzilla Premium machine is a must-have for any stern collection, and you can get yours by contacting Paradise!

007 pinball machine

James Bond 007 Premium Edition

The James Bond 007 Premium Edition pinball machine is a must-add to your collection. This machine takes players on a thrilling mission filled with gadgets, villains, and iconic Bond moments. It features stunning artwork inspired by the classic James Bond films, sound effects, and audio straight from the movies. With its immersive gameplay, fast-paced action, and innovative features like the mini playing field, the James Bond 007 Premium Edition is a true gem for any collector.

Jurassic Park pinball machine

Jurassic Park Premium Edition

Step into a world of prehistoric adventure with the Jurassic Park Premium pinball machine. This game offers a thrilling gameplay experience filled with iconic dinosaurs, immersive audio and visuals, and challenging shots. With features like the T-Rex and Raptor Pit and the interactive helicopter prop, this machine captures the essence of the Jurassic Park films and guarantees hours of excitement for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Led Zeppelin Pinball Machine

Led Zeppelin Premium Edition

This game celebrates the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin and their iconic music. The Led Zeppelin Premium pinball machine offers a fantastic blend of classic rock vibes and engaging gameplay. Featuring immersive artwork and an incredible selection of Led Zeppelin songs, this machine takes players on a rock ‘n’ roll journey like no other. With its challenging shots and vibrant light show, the Led Zeppelin Premium is a must-have for collectors looking to add a musical touch to their pinball collection.

Building a dream pinball collection requires careful consideration of the machines you add to it. Whether you’re a fan of monsters, spies, dinosaurs, or rock music, these machines deliver unforgettable experiences that will delight players and collectors alike. Contact Paradise Pinball & Amusements to learn more about adding one of these engaging Stern machines to your collection today!