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If you are looking for a supplier for the best entertainment games, look no further than Paradise Pinball & Amusements! We have been trusted by our customers for years, and we supply only the highest-quality equipment for your convenience. We supply Bandai Namco products and we are confident you can find the perfect fit for you, whether it is for your home or your business! We make the purchasing process convenient for you and are proud to carry names such as Mario Kart and Pac-Man.

Keep Your Guests Entertained!

If you are interested in purchasing a gaming machine for yourself or your business, we encourage you to reach out to our team today! We carry multiple products that are sure to keep your guests entertained, and all of our games are for players of all ages. Contact us today to get yours!


Mario Kart

Mario Kart has been a fan favorite for years, and at Paradise Pinball & Amusements, we carry a Mario Kart 2 Player! This game is perfect if you want to play against somebody else, and it is a great addition to your space, whether you want to have it in your home or for customers at your business. If you are interested in more details about this product, contact us now!


If you enjoy a good game of Pac-Man, Paradise Pinball & Amusements has various choices for you to choose from! We have Pac-Man Air Hockey, Pac-Man Battle Royale for four or eight players, Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash Cocktail, and much more. If you want to learn more about any of these games, get in touch with us today!


Why choose us?

We understand purchasing entertainment equipment is an investment, which is why we always strive to stick to friendly prices for all of our products. Additionally, our equipment is built to last, and we only sell high-quality, durable products that you deserve.

Are you looking to purchase entertainment equipment? Paradise Pinball & Amusements is the best Bandai Namco arcade to buy for your home or business. You can find names such as Mario Kart and Pac-Man when you shop with us! We care about our customers and we will never sell you something that is not up-to-date or working to its full potential. Contact us today to learn more about how you can buy your next gaming machine!