Paradise Dart Leagues

League Rules

Revised 3/11/2020


The Paradise Dart Leagues are Players’ Leagues. The players in this league are the #1 priority, the ones who determine how the leagues are set up, and also determine the updating, creation, and/or deletion of league rules. Paradise Dart Leagues are NDA sanctioned leagues, therefore these leagues must also adhere to the NDA rules. Games played in the Paradise Dart Leagues qualify players for NDA regional tournaments, the Wyoming State Dart Tournament, as well as the Team Dart Tournament in Las Vegas.

Basic Rules

Basic rules of play can be found on the NDA website:

The one NDA rule that is modified slightly for league play is “the machine is always right.” If a dart is thrown and bounces out, then yes, the machine is always right. However, if the dart sticks, and the machine is obviously wrong, after all three darts have been thrown for the turn and both captains have agreed, the board may be “backed up” to the incorrect dart and scored manually.

League Format

Each league match consists of 13 games. The match starts with 501, followed by Cricket and alternates between the two through game 12. Game 13 is a family game of 701. All games (unless specifically stated) use standard handicapping utilizing spot marks and points.

Schedules & Stats

Schedules are sent to all league players electronically prior to league opening night (printed schedules available upon request). These schedules include the phone numbers of each team captain to allow teams a means of communication with each other. It is common for the schedules to change during the season due to location events and the need to reschedule some matches. The most up to date schedules can always be accessed from the dart boards themselves. Schedules are also posted on the Paradise website, but will typically only be updated for major changes, and changes beyond the control of the league and players (i.e. location events).

Player and team stats are also available on the dart boards in the league menus. These are typically updated a day or two after each league night. Stats are also available on the Paradise website, and are updated regularly.

Team Captains

As a team captain you will be expected to:

Attend the Captains’ Meeting prior to the start of each league season. Being a players’ league, it is important to gather the opinions and input from the players in order to improve the leagues each season to make them more enjoyable/competitive for the players.
Be responsible for your team’s conduct during league play.
Be your team’s spokesperson.
Know your league season schedule.
Ensure you have a full roster before each league match. (i.e. acquiring a substitute if needed)
Verify player stats are correct before the match starts. And manually correcting these stats properly if needed.
Settle any disputes with the opposing team’s captain. If a dispute cannot be settled, contact the League Coordinator.
If a match must be rescheduled, coordinate with the opposing team’s captain to determine a date/time and notify the League Coordinator.

Player Etiquette

Good sportsmanship should be the prevailing factor during all league competition.
Attempts to distract an opponent while they are shooting will not be tolerated. Heckling, chanting or other harassment is strictly forbidden.
No verbal conversation towards the player at the line.
Coaching must remain between teammates.
Respect everybody’s time. Keep breaks to a minimum.
Players are responsible for the boards. If a board is damaged due to hitting, kicking, or negligence, that player is obligated to pay for the damages.
Use common sense, enjoy the game and have fun!

Age Requirements

Due to the age limits in the majority of league locations, players must be 21 years of age or older unless deemed otherwise by the hosting facility. In addition, spectators at league final events must also be 21 years of age or older, unless deemed otherwise by the hosting facility.


Team Fees

Currently team fees are $6 per person per match. Team fees are 100% paid back to the players in the form of trophies and cash payouts at the end of season banquet, as well as player rewards.

Game Fees

Game fees are $0.50 per person per game and are the cost of playing the games on the boards.

Sanctioning Fees

NDA Sanctioning fees are $8 per person per year. This annual fee sanctions each player from August to August each year.


When one player is unable to make it to a scheduled match, it is recommended that a substitute player be found to take their place for that match. This is a courtesy to the opposing team, as they are fully expecting to play according to the league schedule.

If the substituting player is an existing player, he/she must use their existing stats in order for the match to be handicapped appropriately. If the substituting player is not an existing player, default stats must be entered. Default stats for males are 17.0 PPD and 1.7 MPR, females are 15.0 PPD and 1.5 MPR.

It is common courtesy for the player needing a substitute to handle the fees for substitution.


In the event more than one player from a team is unable to make the scheduled match, or a substitute cannot be found, the match must be either rescheduled or forfeited. If a team must reschedule a match, that team’s captain must notify the opposing team and the League Coordinator at least 24 hours before the scheduled match. Matches can be rescheduled any length of time in advance, but the match must be played no later than 2 weeks after the originally scheduled date and no later than 1 week prior to a positioning round unless arrangements have been made with league director. In the case of a split season, the rescheduled match must be completed no later than 1 week prior to the start of the second half of the season. No team is allowed to have more than 2 make up matches pending at any single time unless prior approval of League Director has been obtained.


If a team does not show up for a match within the ½ hour grace period after the scheduled start time, that team automatically forfeits the match. In the case of an automatic forfeit, a match score of 13-0 will be entered with 13 wins going to the non-forfeiting team. Team fees will still have to be paid in full by both teams, and can be paid directly to the League Director. Any unpaid team fees will be taken out of that team’s earnings at the end of the season.

In the event a match is started, but a team is unable to finish the match, notify the League Director. Wins and losses for games played will remain the same. The non-forfeiting team will be awarded wins for the unfinished games.


At the end of each season an award banquet will be held. The cost of the trophies will be paid by the team fees collected throughout the season. The remaining team fees will be paid out to each team based on the number of total wins each team acquired throughout the season. If a team is unable to attend the end of season banquet, that team may collect their awards and payouts from the League Coordinator at their earliest convenience. However, if they cannot be collected within 1 month of the banquet, those awards and payouts will be forfeited.