AMI Jukeboxes

AMI digital jukeboxes from Paradise Pinballs & Amusements are the perfect choice for any business that wants a modern audio entertainment solution. With these state-of-the-art jukeboxes, you can give customers a unique and enjoyable experience that will keep them coming back.

Songs & Music Videos for Everybody

Businesses ranging from restaurants and bars to arcades and bowling alleys can benefit from having an AMI digital jukebox. These jukeboxes are designed to offer a wide selection of audio entertainment that can be customized to suit any venue. With access to an expansive library of songs and music videos, customers can enjoy a comprehensive audio experience that is tailored to their individual tastes.

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NGX Infinity

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NGX Infinity

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AMI Curve Jukebox

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AMI Jukeboxes

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HQ AMI Jukebox

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NGX Mini 2 Jukebox AMI Betson


Engage Your Audience 

One of the biggest benefits of having an AMI Digital Jukebox from Paradise Pinballs and Amusements is that it allows businesses to provide high-quality music and entertainment to their customers. The jukebox can be custom programmed to feature the latest hits, as well as old favorites, giving customers a wide selection of music to choose from. In addition, customers can choose songs by using the AMI Music App, allowing them to play their favorites from anywhere in your facilities.

Advertise & Drive Sales

With an AMI jukebox, you can promote your business by utilizing the AMI Ad Manager tool. This allows you to advertise on the jukebox screen as well as connect televisions and utilize them as digital signs. Let your customers know about upcoming events, daily specials, and more!


Get an AMI Digital Jukebox

Whether you manage a bar, run a bowling alley, or own an arcade, a digital jukebox is a great way to provide your customers with endless entertainment, while bringing in revenue and promoting your business. Contact Paradise Pinballs & Amusements today to learn more about adding an AMI jukebox to your business.